Sunday, July 12, 2020

Luck Is What Happens When Planning Meets Opportunity

Even those of you that are organized life planners can’t really put a future plan together because of the uncertainty in our world today. What a freakin’ predicament we find ourselves in. First of all, we’ll need to get through the pandemic. As the infection wanes (with the help of citizens), life, as we know it will change. Unlike the past, if you were willing to go to work, you could find something in a restaurant, or an office in a few days time.

How things have changed. Jobs, as we knew them have changed. Airlines, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, and even some degreed professions will be less in demand. If they stagger classroom attendance, and restaurant and movie attendance, only half of these workers will be necessary.

It’s time to take a close look at the possibilities that will be coming around in your future. Even though the outlook seems grim, this is a wonderful time to re-configure your own plans for the future. Are you willing to pursue a personal passion? Maybe sell your hobby skills as a profession? Go back to school? Now is the time to start making plans of what to pursue, and if your resume will require some tweaking.

I’m a firm believer in the trades. As a single Mother with a full time job, I was able to fall back on my licensed trade as a Massage Therapist for some extra money. I know that with Covid-19, Massage Therapy isn’t the trade to choose today, but there are many trades that can be performed from home, along with online training. I know. With no paycheck, it’s urgent to get started now, and you shouldn’t have to risk your life to go to work. Naysayers might claim that you’re not risking your life working face to face with the public, but science shows otherwise. So, for those readers who wish to move forward and make changes, here are some ideas that may be helpful.

First of all, instant money is available to eBay sellers. No kidding, people buy stuff! People collect stuff. People have kids to clothe, and women LOVE handbags. My claim to fame was a Moroccan bag from a garage sale in Eugene, Oregon for 20 cents that I sold during a hard time for $45.00. I think that it may have been worth even more. You’ll need an email address, a bank account, a camera, and an online title. Once you get started, you’ll just need to deliver what you said that you would. The more positive feedback that you receive from buyers, the better reputation you’ll get. Voila! Cash flow. To get started, GO TO THIS LINK:

Another simple online venture is to monetize your social media accounts. I like Google because they’re all tied together. By monetizing your Youtube and Blogger accounts, you can tie them to Goodle Adsense, for payment for clicks. You design your Google blog (set up at to place Adsense links in different areas of the blog, and there you go. Write about what you like, or post great stuff on your YouTube account that will draw clicks to your ads. There are ads all around this post.

If you are looking at the possibility of enhancing your current experience and hobby to find work performing something that you love, or even start selling your talents, there are many online courses that are either free or a minimal fee available to you. Some of them are; YouTube, Udemy, Universal Class, Lynda, and EdX, which is my favorite. I just took a free course in Macroeconomics taught by two of the main experts in the field, at no cost. Many of these very credible courses may add just the right education to turn your resume in a new direction. If you’re at home and quarantined at this time, what have you got to lose? This is an opportunity to find the time that you might not have had before.

If your situation is such that you are not in the mindset nor do you have the tools to go online or even anything to sell, go to  to find the nearest available food bank. Please contact a church, a fire department, a hospital, or your county health department. You are not alone in this and even though the news is dire, there are good people in your community. The situation is no fault of yours, and no reason to feel shame. Don’t be afraid to ask.  

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