Thursday, June 11, 2020

Three Months In Quarantine

My husband and I have been meditators for many years. As a massage therapist, my theme has always been about relaxation. The music that I listen to, the music that I compose, and the colors of the paint in my home are geared towards relaxation. Thank God for that!

I'm generally high strung, so the news of the past few months have been enough to put us over the edge. Fortunately, we have been using the time to go through all of my notes from over the years, and have practiced breathing and relaxation methods, in addition to laying off the foods that might make us wired.

I've gone back to writing articles about stress and relaxation for a couple of publications,  and have finally found my way back to this blog. I'll be sharing some simple strategies to having a calmer and healthier existence. My first project ... How colors affect your mood.

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