Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dig Deep To Find Your Joy, But Find It!

Life without joy is no life at all. My life is filled with joy every day, but there are  obstacles that try to get in the way. The main obstacle is the pain that I see in the individuals that are victimized by our own human neighbors, and worse yet, leaders.

How in the world did thousands of priests molest children? Worse yet, recently the pope claimed that women would NEVER be ordained as priests. Oh, really? I would think that the leader of the catholic church would find it in his heart to seek out a solution to this ongoing world wide problem no matter what it takes if he is so concerned about the children.

Our president thinks that taunting a crazed madman with his finger on nukes deserves an insulting nickname like “Little Rocket Man.” He recently claimed that that was his best one ever! This is our leader. This is the man that sets the behavioral example for our children and grandchildren. Taunting a tyrant with rhetoric threatens the health and safety of the entire human race. How dare him!

The future of our globe is suffering from the same sick and rude treatment. Global warming is doubted by many for political reasons, including money, and our oceans and lands which provide clean food for the human race and our animal friends are being lost every day.

At this time there are more than 10,000 children in custody at our southern border that have been separated from their parents. Yes, there is the argument that their parents have brought them over the border illegally and this must be dealt with, but to what cruel strategy?

So, I ask, where do I find joy with these horrible injustices surrounding me? I don’t have the power to change any of these issues, or do I? Yes, I do. The power of the pen can make a difference. I can testify that the joy of directing my opinion to those in power feels like I am making a difference, and at least, speaking my mind on behalf of those that are suffering.

I encourage my readers to choose the issues that mean something to you. I was raised Catholic and am no longer practicing, but the numbers of priests that have proven to be filthy rapists are in need of punishment. What about the thousands of lives that deserve to be healed? What about replacing these dirty men with worthy women? Write a letter to your local Chancery office and demand that women be ordained because the chosen men have failed us. Enough letters might at least bring the suggestion to the fore front.

The globe and the oceans are being molested every day. Our waters provide us with the necessary environment for a healthy eco system for both animals and humans. This is the food of the future. There is no amount of money that should be an excuse for allowing dirty industries to operate while polluting the waters with no real penalties.

As difficult as it is, finding inner peace and sorting through the chaos on a personal level is the place to begin. For me, meditation is where I find calm before I sit down to write those letters. I make duplicates of the letters that I write and at the end of each week I re-submit at least 5 letters. I keep pressing every department of the church or government in hopes that someone will take my letter to a meeting of people who can make a difference. This gives me joy where the chaos of life tries to rob it from me.

Please, do it. Write letters, read the voters booklets that come in the mail, and vote for the things that you believe it. Doing nothing is assured to rob you of the joy that you deserve as a member of the human race. VOTE!

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