Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Athlete's Choice Sports Massage Oil By Zen Planet Herbs

Take a peek! I haven't even had a chance to have the bottle professionally photographed yet. This is my new sports massage blend that I've been working on for many years. The blend of Arnica, Olive, and a variety of specially selected essential oils is absolutely perfect for athletes and those with sore and heavily challenged muscles.

The combination of incredible aromas contains herbs that are known to be relaxing, anti-spasmotic, and anti-inflammatory.

Having performed thousands of massages in an almost 40 year career, I've used many combinations of oils and I am positive that this is the one! I've gotten input from many therapists and athletes, and at last, I'm ready to commit!

Like wine, or even an orchestra, essential oils have specific"notes." This blend contains a balanced blend of top, middle, and bass notes. According to our focus groups, this blend not only smells incredible, but relieves pain, brings relaxation, and with it's anti-inflammatory ingredients, helps with stiffness. Watch for more about the launch in September!

What IS next?

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