Monday, March 27, 2017

Compensatory Pains And Herbal Pain Relief

Compensatory pains? What that means is that you might wake up with a sore neck for no apparent reason. Maybe you injured your shoulder, or maybe you hurt your back. Your body is consistently working to find homeostasis. This means that you have a balance that your body is consistently trying to find.

If, for example, you injured your spine and are walking with a bit of a tilt, your body will work to find the horizon. While your eyes are looking for that horizon, if you’re having to tilt your head to find it’s normal balance, your neck will become sore.

I can’t advocate enough for massage therapy. If you’ve never had a full body massage, may I suggest that you get one? I can’t imagine carrying my injured body around without a periodic massage.

When talking about compensatory pains, they can become chronic ailments if you don’t work to correct the reason for the compensation.  In the mean time, I am in the process of creating a natural and enjoyable solution to pain relief.

For many years I’ve used pain relieving herbs in my massage oils and I am so happy to report that I have finally come to a place where I have created a sports massage oil blend that I am in the process of patenting.

My Sports Massage Blend smells SO good and is laden with ingredients that are relaxing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, nourishing to skin, and down-right euphoric!

Stay tuned for the release of the “Athlete’s Choice” Sports Massage blend.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cancer Rates Up In Younger People

News reports came out yesterday claiming that colon and rectal cancer rates are up in younger people but no explanation is available. These are reports that always make me angry because of the way that research is done.

For example, “studies” show that genetically modified foods are safe. The truth is that genetically modified food research has not been done long term on humans. What happens to the lab rats AFTER four months? They grow large tumors all over their bodies! There is clear evidence that studies are consistently concluded before the danger deadlines have been reached.

To make me even angrier, laws are being passed all over the country that do not require products containing GMO’s to be labeled. Of course young people are having more cancers and nobody knows why!

As family managers it is our responsibility to buy and prepare food for our families in the safest way. I can’t say enough how easy and affordable it is to grow small amounts of vegetables on your own porch. If you grow lettuce and spinach in pots on your own front porch, you can assure that the vegetables used in your salads and on sandwiches are organic and pesticide free.

People think that organic and GMO free foods are more expensive than regular packaged foods, but that’s not always true. Some grocery stores now have store brand organic foods that are the same price as regular products.
To have suspicion about our foods and government regulation is valid. Without labeling, items that you don’t suspect are laced with dangerous ingredients. We must DEMAND that our food and water sources are deemed to be safe for consumption. The government MUST budget for food and water safety. If there is enough money in the budget to increase military spending, there should be enough money to protect the people of Flint, Michigan who are still not receiving clean and safe water.

Young people should not be burdened with potentially life threatening diseases caused by the food and water that they consume. We must STOP the delivery of tainted foods to our children.

I encourage you to buy and grow organic foods, read labels, and know that foods labeled with the green USDA Organic label have passed Governmental requirements to wear such label.

WRITE to your representatives. DEMAND that they continue to protect our families against contaminated food, water, air or they will be exposed and held accountable. Scrutinize our new Environmental Protection Agency leader, Scott Pruitt, who openly plans to threaten our air and water by lifting regulations that will in turn, affect our food.

What IS next?

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