Monday, January 23, 2017

Congratulations People Of The World!

Yesterdays peaceful marches around the world were a refreshing reminder that we are all in this together. No matter what your feelings are about civil liberties, gender, color, environmental concerns, religion, sexual preference, or (I hope I haven’t left anybody out) anything else, it’s clear that we have each other’s back.

This week we go back to President Trumps cabinet confirmations, and I focus on the confirmation of Scott Pruitt as the director of the E.P.A. Mr. Pruitt is against regulations regarding the environment and is ready to eliminate many regulations that will affect our quality of life.

Our planet is threatened by many things. Some things that we can ban together to fix. For example, plastic in the ocean is not arguable. The plastic is manufactured for packaging out of non-biodegradable ingredients. The people of the world continue to purchase these packaged products which go into the landfills, on to the ground, and unfortunately into our waters. SHAME ON US. Making an effort to support products that are packaged in bio-degradable packaging, and recycling other packaging will keep this stuff out of the stomachs of the birds and fish that provide food to our population.

The thing that we can’t change is that fossil fuel exploration is a powerfully rich industry. They own many of the mineral rights on private land. If you watched the recent fight by the Standing Rock Indians, it took extreme measures to keep a potentially dirty drilling project away from their water. What a great thing that the people of this country are fighting back in numbers and making their voices heard.

PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE from New York Magazine about what we are up against if Scott Pruitt is confirmed. If he is, we will have a lot of work to do to protect our air, water, and food. This is my passion. We should not be feeding our families food that the ingredients and methods of processing are not fully disclosed. Further, the future of our environment is ours and we deserve a hand in how it is managed.

Please email your legislators with “NO TO SCOTT PRUITT” in the subject line. Please do it today.

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