Friday, September 23, 2016

A Life Coach CAN Help You Succeed.

Because the term “life coach” hasn’t been around for many years, some might confuse what a life coach does. A personal coach doesn’t sing kumbaya and counsel you to tears. No counseling here.  A coach will take you beyond “I’d like to go back to school,” or “I’d like to move to a different state,” to the actual planning and implementing stage.

Working full time, taking care of a home, and life in general often take the president in getting through the days. This can become so overwhelming that achieving our dreams become nothing but dreams. Devising a plan for dream success should take as much of your day as a workout or a class. Your personal life plan should be specific. Where you might say “I’ll never be able to move to the beach,” you should be saying “I’m moving to the beach in 15 months.” YES. You can create this. Why 15 months? Because you might have to sell some stuff on eBay, or take a part time job, or do whatever it takes. The reason that you haven’t moved yet is because you said “I’ll never be able to afford it.” Maybe you couldn’t before, but you will devise the plan that will make it happen.

If you truly have dreams that you want to realize, you owe it to yourself to make it happen.  Some things that people call their personal challenges are:

Going back to school

Losing weight

Moving to a different town

Changing jobs

Starting your own business

To do any of the above things, there is an expert out there that can help. If you don’t know how to set up books for your new business, your coach can help you through. I work with several professionals that love helping people put a plan together.  Putting a blog or website together, a realistic re-location plan, a wellness program, or a job change can be easier than you think when a sound plan is devised.

For me, the fall has always been a time to get my plans together for the upcoming year. The weather is changing, and the seasons are shifting. Do it. Make this year the year of big change for you! It’s time for the change!

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