Friday, January 8, 2016

Make It A Resolution To Listen To More Music

Music has always been my place to go to sort things out. I play music when I'm cooking, working, driving, and relaxing. There's no doubt that it helps me to relax.

Recent studies have shown that music is used in modern healing, pain relief, and anxiety because of it's endorphin releasing effect.

According to an article written by Denise Dador or KABC Los Angeles, hospitals are taking the healing properties of music right to the patients.

A bariatric surgeon and musician, Dr Peter Crookes claims that a portion of healing is up to the patient and that music can be helpful. Music may release endorphins that is one of the elements of pain relief. He claims that anything that will open the mind to other dimensions of life can help in coping.

USC has a volunteer program that works with the benefits of listening to music. The program is run by Jane Kim, a musician herself. If you are interested in this program, you can email 

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