Thursday, December 17, 2015

Give Good Health For Christmas – A Reflexology Treatment

I’ve been a Massage Therapist since the 70’s. To this day, I still talk to people who would like to get a massage, but are shy about the prospects. It took many years for my Mother to let me work on her. She didn’t want to take her clothes off, and importantly, she didn’t want to get oil in her hair, and on and on with excuses.

Foot Reflexology doesn’t require much effort on the part of the recipient, and most shy peoples feelings about it are much different. They can sit back in a chair fully clothed, close their eyes and be pampered.

Foot Reflexology is an ancient practice recorded back as far as 2330 BC. Some symbols were recorded on statues of Buddha in India and China. Even Marco Polo translated a Chinese Book about the practice from Chinese to Italian in the 1300’s.

In Reflexology, specific points on the hands, ears, and feet are known to correspond to specific organs and systems throughout the body. By accessing those points with their fingers, a Reflexology Practitioner will encourage energy and circulation or flushing to the organ or system to prevent or remove stagnation. The points that I referred to are shown in posters and drawings all over the world.

There are certain aspects of the therapy that seem to be universally believed in, but some of the smaller details differ. The feet and body are divided into zones. Horizontally, the foot is divided into four sections in correlation to the body.  By looking at the picture shown, you can probably start to understand how a practitioner can feel the strengths and weaknesses in a clients body simply by exploring their feet for fluctuations in texture or temperature or even something more subtle.

The body is also divided into vertical zones which pass through every organ and system in the body. By accessing these points, the Practitioner will stimulate the deepest organs in the body. Another benefit is that this therapy is performed directly to the nervous system, the client often finds very deep relaxation during a treatment.

I recommend a Reflexology gift certificate for that person that is nervous about a full body massage. This therapy, when performed gently and deliberately can be an incredibly beneficial treatment.

Finding a reputable Reflexologist in your area can be done by accessing the National Certification
Board Directory, or by searching a Licensed Therapist through your state licensee directory.

After a great Reflexology treatment, by drinking lots of water, the body will flush toxins for a few days afterwards. This aids the body in a mini – detox and brings a fresh and rested look to the face and skin. Reflexology is also known to relieve pain and is performed for migraine headaches, arthritis, constipation, and too many ills to count!

The cost for a Reflexology treatment can range from $25.00 to $45.00 for a 30 minute treatment. Some Practitioners work on the ears and hands too, some just the feet. Ask your salon about a treatment before your next pedicure. This is a perfect way to begin the next year!

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