Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We're Staying A While!

We had talked about it and daydreamed about moving to Oregon when we retired for several years. I've lived there and I didn't mind the rain or the slower economy. The beach is nearby, and the lifestyle is laid back.

When we sold our house a couple of months ago, we had a short time to pack a 4 bedroom house and move on down the road. It was close to impossible! We took tons of stuff to the Goodwill, sold some on Craigslist, and virtually did the cleaning out of old, old, hoards that you'd never get rid of unless you thought that you had to.

After the house closed, we still had interests in Colorado to take care of so we put the excess stuff in storage and rented a tiny one bedroom house in Grand Junction for a place to live. I mean this is a tiny house. The simple things like a garbage disposal and an ice maker are not in it, not even a dishwasher!

During our time here so far, we've found some awesome hiking trails around the National Monument, great restaurants, nice people, and perfect weather. With the changes around us, we have found a town that we had spent much time in but hadn't really met at all. The other day we met a couple that had intended to retire in Oregon and chose Grand Junction too. This is a wonderful, mild climate town with many outdoor sporting options.

As I wait for a response on the awesome house that we've made an offer on, I am really happy that we have decided to continue our future here in Grand Junction. This is such a wonderful and affordable town, we have decided to stay here for a couple of years and maybe longer, and if we stay for retirement we are going to buy a motorhome to enjoy any beach any time.

Wish us luck on buying this awesome house in the country!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sugar Is Not Our Friend

In my lifestyle changes over the past few years I’ve been able to lose 40 pounds in additional to keeping it off … until now. I’m up 3 pounds, and know exactly why. I think that constant monitoring of what I eat every day, and how many calories that I burn has made me acutely aware of what it takes for me to be healthy.

First of all, I use the app called “Lose It.” This app keeps track of how many calories that I eat, and how many that I actually need. When I saw my doctor recently he gave me a calorie count for someone my age and weight and it wasn't close to what I have experienced and calculated for myself.

Here is what I have discovered; I went for an entire year without eating sugar products. This is just treats, not products that contain hidden sugar (checkout Dr. Mark Hymans article about High Fructose Corn Syrup). During that year, I ate no treats or sugar products, but I did eat things like scalloped potatoes with cheese, corn on the cob, and whole grain toast with my own fruit preserves.

I weighed myself each day during this year and found that 1,500 calories a day is exactly what it takes to maintain a lean, healthy lifestyle. If I ate less, I lost. If I ate more, I gained. I ate no processed food, and specifically no processed sugars.

Recently, Al and I have started eating a little carrot cake. It started with a Birthday, and then we started having dessert a few days a week. My weekly calorie intake still stayed within my 1,500 calorie a day range, but my pants started feeling a little tighter … 3 pounds gained. There is no explanation for this besides SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR and how my body metabolizes it.

I saw an obese woman on TV the other day (I mean, 500 pounds of obesity). She and her husband both claimed that she ate less than 2,000 calories of food each day and her continuous weight gain was a mystery. Then came the truth. She drinks more than 3 liters of soda drinks a day. SUGAR!

I know that many experts claim that calories-in, calories-out are the bottom line but an expert in my own daily monitor, I’ll tell you that processed sugar is more offensive to your body than pure plant food. I believe that by replacing healthy food calories with sugar calories, your body will respond differently.

We are off of the carrot cake binge now and psyched to be at the onset of fruit season here in Colorado. It is a constant balancing act.!  Being a foodie, I crave, I fall off the wagon, and thank God that I find my way back. I encourage my clients to find a delicious snack to satisfy that munchie urge. 

Try making your own gorp with whatever you want. I like sunflower seeds and raisins. It's sweet and crunchy, and because it requires so much chewing, I put it down before I've eaten too much! 

Best wishes to everybody out there that working on your own personal wellness lifestyle. I support you!

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