Friday, October 10, 2014

Native Foods Cafe - YUM!!!

Every time we go to visit my son in Culver City, California, we head straight to the Native Foods
Cafe. Being Vegan, especially when out on the road is not easy. You can't live on greasy hash browns and dry toast! We did find several options out on the road, but Native Foods is the greatest. Calories? Well, they do use lots of wonderful homemade sauces, but still a very positive vegan option.

We bought the Native Foods Celebration cookbook on our recent trip. It's available on  For a location near you, go to their website. This Cafe serves up some of the best vegan recipes that I've ever eaten!

What IS next?

 It seems like the Covid 19 Vaccinations are going faster than expected, but states are opening up equally as fast. I want to get out again!...