Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happy And Healthy Father's Day To Al

I'm taking Al to the Hot Springs for Father's Day. I'll admit that I enjoy them too. That's why we
went for Mother's Day.

For years people have been using the Hot Sulpher Springs around where we live for a variety of health reasons. For me, it relieves my sore joints and muscles, but there are many benefits, including skin tone.

Sulpher is a naturally occuring mineral that is found near hot springs and volcanoes. You can tell when there are sulpher springs nearby because the air smells like rotten eggs. If you enjoy the springs, you eventually don't recognize the smell as something bad. The smell is caused by the Sulpher Dioxide gas as it contacts the air.

The sulpher found in the soaking pools is made up of three amino acids which are components of protein.  This water is beneficial in building collagen and skin elasticity. This is why elderly people who use the pools regularly are said to be younger looking. It's true that in a way, soaking in mineral pools are like finding the fountain of youth!

Enjoy Colorado. Take Dad to the Pool In Glenwood Springs for Fathers Day!

What IS next?

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