Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Simple - Make Your Own Dairy Free Honey Mustard

If you're a vegan, you're constantly looking for something dairy free to dip your recipes in. Another important search is for foods containing vitamin B12. Honey mustard is not only an awesome dip, but it can make a delicious salad dressing, or just a sandwich spread. If you have never thought about making your own mustard, let me make it easy for you.

Some vegans don't eat honey because it can be considered an animal product. If you're one of those people, you can substitute a little sugar or agave nectar, but honey makes the best

Honey mustard requires only a few ingredients. Most whole foods markets sell both yellow and brown mustard seeds in bulk. Yellow seeds taste like mustard, brown seeds have a bit of a bite to them. The other ingredients are vinegar, water, and honey. Some people add raspberries or other fruits, depending on your plans. Here is a basic recipe with room to improvise.

Use mustard seeds according to your taste. I use 4 tablespoons of yellow to one tablespoon of brown seeds. Put them in a bowl and cover with one half water and one half organic apple cider vinegar. Soak them covered for three days. Now, according to the thickness that you desire, add honey and put in the blender. The mustard seeds will be soft, and will blend up to a creamy honey mustard sauce. Surprisingly, mustard seeds contain the following nutrients;

Mustard Seeds, yellow, ground
2 tsp
Calories: 20

 selenium 15.1%

 omega-3 fats 6.2%

 manganese 5%

 phosphorus 4.7%

 magnesium 3.7%

 copper 3.3%

vitamin B12 .5%

I'm still working out my own recipe to find the right consistency. I used Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar straight without water the first time and it was really strong. That's when I started using a little water to mellow it out. I'm also using more brown seeds than I started with.  I think I might try growing a little mustard this summer to see if I can get some seeds of my own! This is a delicious sauce!!

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