Monday, May 12, 2014

My Garden Is Popping!

The amount of money that I save by having a summer garden is shocking. With the recent drought, lettuce can go for two bucks a head here in the mountains! I know that many people think that without a real space for a garden, that you can't have one, but that's not true. My garden is a makeup of all sorts of inexpensive plantables from the local thrift store. Because our soil is very sandy clay, it gets really hot and bakes everything so I have brought in containers and really great and moist organic soil. Check it out! I've got bookshelves, and even a baby cradle. All together, the containers cost less than $25.00, and make a perfect garden. Since our house is for sale, I could actually move the containers to a new location if I needed to.

Just a suggestion, if you've got anything around the house or yard that you could plant in, try some fresh herbs, or lettuce and spinach. They will both grow virtually anywhere, and you'll feel really proud of your harvest!

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