Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How's Your New Years Weight Plan Going?

They say that by now, especially with food events like the Super Bowl, more than 80% of New Years Weight Loss promises have fallen by the wayside. If you're one of those 80 percenters, I say, OK, start again.

As I always say, there is no piece of pie that tastes as great as skinny feels, and that's the truth. The only way to lose a substantial amount of weight is to stick to it and keep starting over, if necessary.

Although many programs promise "instant" results, they are full of bologna, so to speak. A loss of 2 pounds per week is a reasonable amount. I started a whole new eating plan on October 18 and have stuck to it religiously. Am I bummed out that I have lost only 19 pounds? Yeah, a little. I have exercised as planned, and have only gone over by 7 calories ONE day. This time is different than any other. I am determined to get to my goal weight no matter how long it takes. If there was ever a time to give up and blow it, it would have been yesterday when I had lost only 1 pound after skipping all the hoopla at the Super Bowl party on Sunday.

If I were to go off the wagon, so to speak, I could gain it all back in a couple of weeks and I am not going to let that happen. This time, it's not a client's body that I am working with, it's my own.

If you have fallen off of your plan, get back on it. Contact me if you would like some help and support. You can do it this time. It's a New Year. Make it happen. I'm in it with you! I'm almost half way there!

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