Saturday, December 28, 2013

Your 2014 Resolution. LOSE WEIGHT

If you're anything like me, you find something that's supposed to be good for you, and you take it to a place where it isn't. Almonds are a great example. Almonds are 7 calories EACH! This super food that is great for you can turn into a caloric enemy in only 30 bites. If you are over weight and trying to start your year out right, I recommend the good old fashioned method of counting calories. Calories have been the basic fundamental of every weight loss program since losing weight deliberately was invented. Here's the deal about calories and the "experts." Many experts advise people against counting calories. They claim that counting calories takes your attention off of the most important thing which is nutrition. In fact, a lot of these experts are trying to sell you a system where the nutrients are already measured and spelled out for you. I have nothing against these systems except for the fact that not everybody who needs to lose weight has the time or the money to meet with their coach every day to analyze what they ate. In addition, isn't eating a limited number of daily calories of any type better than eating 6,000 calories of fast food? Overall? Carrying 50 pounds of extra weight is far worse for your body than anything that you could eat. Period.

My opinion is not that you should only eat 1,200 calories of anything, I'm just saying that it's a good place to start. I am a lying dieter. Here's how; If I am in a restaurant and french fries are an option, I don't take it. I'll have a baked potato or salad instead. In fact, a baked potato isn't that many fewer calories than fries, but then I go in for the kill. "I can have dessert because I didn't have fries." The LIE! If you're truly trying to lose weight, the baked potato would be better served with vegetables on the top, not with a steak and salad with Ranch dressing. Knowing how many calories are in each food will definitely keep you within a parameter, then you can build on the nutritional part. A balanced diet is your ultimate goal once you get past the bull and are truly in the mindset to drop the extra weight. How can you get into the mindset? FOCUS! This is the year that you should fulfill all of the promises that you've made to your body. Lower your cholesterol without toxic drugs, get a cool pair of skinny jeans and look at them every day. Do whatever it takes. If you have lost weight before, you know what mindset to get in to. I use an app called I have it on my iPad and my phone. I keep track of everything that I eat. If I'm in a restaurant, it's really easy to go to my phone and check something. My goal weight loss is 53 pounds. My deadline is May 1, and I'm at 16 pounds so far. There are many apps and websites that include nutritional information, or you can simply follow the USDA food pyramid. A fun website called has many nutritional pyramids to follow according to your heritage. Join me. Get it together this year. If living long and well is your goal, there is no better time than now to begin.

What IS next?

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