Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking Care Of The Planet

"No creature, not even swine, befouls its nest with such abandon as does homo sapiens ... Today, soils are tired, overworked, depleted, sick, poisoned by synthetic chemicals. Hence the quality of food has suffered and so has health. Malnutrition begins with the soil. Buoyant human health depends on wholesome food, and this can only come from fertile and productive soils."  Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins from their work; Secrets of the Soil.

If you are interested in a healthy garden of your own, now is the time to research a compost system that will work for you. As the quote says, healthy soil is the key to healthy food. Start now. Even if you only have a deck for planting potted tomatoes, now it the time to get prepared for that wonderful planting season of spring. Even though we expect a ton of snow this year, my garden and soil prep is already in place.

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