Monday, November 12, 2012

Pu-Erh Tea, what a delicious treat!

I gave up coffee a about a month ago, and surprisingly, I haven't missed it. I really loved that cup of coffee back in the day. Although I had enjoyed a cup of Pu-erh tea in a cafe here or there, I never actually bought and studied it until recently. The benefits shown from drinking it include aiding in digestion due to it's fermentation, more antioxidants than regular green tea, and it is known to have an enzymatic activity that shrinks fat cells, as seen on Dr.Oz. Kenneth Cohen writes in The Way of Qi Gong that the tea promotes the breakdown of fatty or greasy food, and has been scientifically demonstrated to lower cholesterol. What a joy to enjoy the taste, and to gain the other benefits from this rich and smooth caffeinated tea.

Here is a link that gives extensive and credible information about Pu-Erh tea. I love the smooth natural flavor of this tea. You can buy it in bags from your local health food store, $8.00 for 16 bags (organic, fair trade, recyclable packaging, etc.), or your local Oriental grocery for $5.00 for 100. I have tried several brands, and really enjoy the Numi Organic Emperor's Pu-erh sold at Natural Grocers.

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