Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Vegetarian To Vegan

When I first started this blog I was a vegetarian. I was headed for veganism, but that one cup of coffee with cream was stopping me. All I can say about that is that I LOVE my coffee with real cream. I had made it through missing sprinkles of cheese on my soup, or the Greek yogurt that I had for breakfast. All of it was now gone from my diet, except the coffee with cream.

I had already tried all of the vegan coffee creamer blends and a couple of them were pretty good, but what is a morning meeting without coffee and cream? With the ongoing changes in my diet, I began to feel really speedy and spacey and couldn’t figure out why. I was no longer eating sugar products, honey, nothing. Why was my heart beating a million miles an hour? The ND’s diagnosis? Aw, come on ... allergy to coffee beans? NO! I’ve been a coffee drinker all my life! 

I agreed to take a week off of my beloved drink. The result? Better rest, no more speedy heartbeat, and a renewed relationship with tea and other herbal drinks. There is no way to describe how good I feel. There was a time that I couldn’t imagine my life without a good hot dog now and then ... then it was cheese, yogurt, and now I am trim and healthy, and most of all, coffee and cream free!

With time, I’ve gotten rid of leather products in my closet, silk, wool, and anything that is animal based. These changes have made me a different person all around. I feel good about the animals that I’m not eating or wearing, and most of all, I feel good. I think that it was the dairy and not the meat that was making me feel all heavy and bloated.

If you are working towards a vegan diet, believe me, it’s worth every effort. There are so many delicious animal free meals to eat, I look forward to every one.

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