Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vegan Almond Quinoa Muffins

Quinoa. A grain. Pronounced Keen-wa. First, let’s have a laugh. I’ve always wanted to say this out loud. Ready? ... Lake Titicaca! Seriously. Quinoa originally comes from the Altiplano Region of the Andes Mountain Range near Lake Titicaca, at 12,500 feet. It was considered sacred by the Inca people and is known to be the “mother grain.”

Quinoa is
not only a complete protein, with an essential amino acid profile resembling that of milk, but it’s loaded with other nutrients such as starch, sugars, essential linoleic acid (oil), fiber, minerals, and vitamins B complex and E. This combination is the bomb for healthy hair and nails, as well as the other blessings of protein.

The quality of organic Quinoa, found in most whole foods groceries these days is of very high quality, and grown in the U.S. My problem is that I am not fond of the flavor. It’s nothing offensive, I just enjoy the flavor of rice. My solution is to make baked goods with it, or put it in the food processor and have it as porridge with honey.

Here’s a link to some deeeeeelicious vegan almond-quinoa muffins that are not only great, but loaded with protein for a perfect sports snack

I substituted grapeseed for canola oil, and rice milk for soy milk, but they came out really good, and were so hearty that I made a meal out of one! Be sure to let them cool completely because they’re moist and could fall apart if not fully set. I WILL make these again.

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