Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Rolls Are For The Springtime!

I love fried Chinese food. There is no doubt that I will always have a weakness for fried stuff that can be dipped in something! Recently, I stopped at the Vitamin Cottage for one of their fast grab from the deli case lunches when I stumbled upon Spring Rolls in Rice Paper. Something to dip, but not fried.

You might think that since they’re not fried, they might be doughy. Not so. Although the Vitamin Cottage does not carry rice paper, I was referred to the local Oriental Grocery Store where the

rice paper is carried. 8 1/2 inch in size, and stiff like a piece of parchment paper, I was instructed to soak the paper discs in warm water, then wrap whatever I want in them. The owner of the store set me up! Here is what she sold me;

Rice paper, cellophane noodles, hot sauce, rice vinegar, and a vegetable slicer sort of like a potato peeler, but it slices veggies like carrots and cukes in long, stringy lengths.

I soaked and cut (like vermicelli) and cooked the cellophane noodles, soaked the rice paper, and sliced the vegetables. Simple. I wrapped the mixture in the cool paper. Then I mixed the hot sauce with the rice vinegar for dipping. That Oriental Hot Sauce is hotter than Mexican Hot Sauce or Tabasco, so cool it with a lot of the vinegar.

I have saved so many calories by not using bread in my lunch. This is an exceptionally low calorie, healthy and delicious dipping lunch! I have substituted French Salad Dressing, Mustard, and a few other things for the hot sauce, Try it. If you don’t have a local Oriental Market, carries rice paper.

If you’re a meat eater, shrimp, pulled pork, or many other fish and meat choices can be made. This is my new summer meal. Try it!

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