Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cafe Rio, An Affordable, Fast Service Restaurant With Vegan Options. THUMBS UP!

It sounds much healthier to call it a fast service rather than a fast food restaurant. When I visited the new Cafe Rio restaurant in Grand Junction, Co., I was instantly impressed by everything about their operation. Cafe Rio has restaurants in both the east and the western United States and is building more. In fact, they are open to the suggestion of new locations.

Cafe Rio claims to buy food directly from the farm. Not necessarily organic, but referred to as fresh, and I can attest to the freshness and the quality of the food put into my vegetable burrito.

The food is served in an aluminum deep dish with a cardboard top to take home what you weren't able to eat. The portions are enormous with the choice of black or pinto beans, plenty of fresh vegetables, USDA choice chicken, pork, beef, and salmon or sometimes other fish specials. My husband had Ahi Tacos. The great thing is that at you can read about all of the foods that are specifically vegan, made with no animal products. There are no freezers or microwaves on the premises, as all of the ingredients are fresh. Homemade tortillas, pico de gallo, guac, and the prices, equally as fresh and fair. Although the food is put together lightning fast, once you take it to your table, the ambience is quiet and relaxing.

Now, here’s the clincher; Not only does this restaurant serve fresh, delicious, and affordable food fast, but they are philanthropic in their neighborhoods. They are involved in boys and girls clubs, glasses for needy kids, local schools, and many other kids programs.

Thumbs up to you, Cafe Rio! I give you a healthy and philanthropic THUMBS UP!!

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