Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yoga For Strength

It's been a little over a month since I decided to return to a personal fitness program. I write about it, I teach others, but as the years started creeping in, I stopped practicing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, serious horse accident ... bad back, all of the above.

Yoga ... one baby step at a time. At first, I denied that it could be as effective as aerobics or some of the other more grueling programs that I've been on. Well, at first, I was a sow bug. Seriously. I had no balance, no flexibility, a sore back, and more.

I'm getting stronger every day! Not sure how the instructor got so far off the personal fitness track. I guess I should have taken my own advice sooner. Slow is better than nothing. And one other thing ... my back was hurting because I was treating my waist as a joint. Bend at the hip when you do your forward bends. "The waist is not a joint." That's my instruction for today.

No more sow bug yoga for me! Bring it on!

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