Monday, March 21, 2011

The Journey Back

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started toying with the idea of taking my retired, writing-about-fitness, no longer working out hind end back to the active responsibility of exercising. My ENTIRE career was spent on either leading some sort of fitness class or event, or training someone else to. It paid well enough to raise a child in Aspen, and it was a nice social outlet as a single Mom. But ... As I admitted in my last writing, I really dragged my ass when it came to the exercise part. I wasn’t lazy, but the clients were hard-core fitness buffs who relied on their bodies to make a living ... or better yet, win some sort of International athletic endeavor. They wanted a constant challenge!

So, I admit that once I retired I took a few years off to fit train horses, and teach equine massage. What a great job that is. I get to scientifically design perfect programs, then sit on their back while they do the cardio! Yeah, the hay is heavy, and riding is great exercise, but something in my soul misses the groups of like-minded people who want to be healthy and fit. I miss them.

Two weeks ago, when I began toying with my conditioning, I immediately began with a daily yoga practice. Are you kidding me? Yoga is not easy if you’re not somewhat strong and limber, but I found a gene in my makeup that is obviously related to the sow bug! You know, the one that goes round and screams “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” It’s SO BAD that I dug out some old aerobic class tapes to see when exactly I had led a class last. 1996. Holy Cat-Cow!

It’s good. I have my ACE Personal Trainer Certification which now offers discounted AARP training to Baby Boomers and Older Adults. Each day, I’ll work harder to hold that downward facing dog asana for just a little longer. I’ll breathe better. I’ll walk farther. I’ll work hard.

I thought that all of those fitness related articles and even the book that I wrote would have kept me in better shape or at least burned a few calories!

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