Thursday, February 10, 2011

Defending Your Weight

I watched a TV program last night that was a scream fest of a bunch of men and their overweight wives. I felt such compassion for the wives who were desperately trying to defend themselves, calling themselves “human.”

The problem that I’m having is that nobody, including a plus sized model, ever mentioned “health.”

The number on the scale is one thing. The issue is, how is your health? If you’re 20-30 pounds overweight, and you do not struggle trying to exercise, your blood pressure is low, glucose is normal, and cholesterol is normal, then you can defend your weight while monitoring your numbers. This doesn’t mean that you should be eating as much pizza and ice cream as you want, this just means that your weight is not currently proving to be a health risk. Currently, I said.

HOWEVER ... The years go by and your body doesn’t process the extra fats as well. Eventually, the extra weight may or may not drastically change your health numbers. This is what matters the most.

Self esteem is a funny thing. Even if your health numbers are normal, you may have self esteem problems because of what other people think of your weight.

My advice is to keep exercising. Maintain a healthy diet. Watch your numbers. Then, if somebody is harshing on your weight because they have a problem with the way that you LOOK, kick their ass! Just kick their ass.

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