Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do Better, But Don't Do Yourself In!

God knows I try. I try not to drink too much coffee. I ate chocolate for Easter. I try to exercise and meditate, or at least take a moment to calm myself every day. It is quite difficult in this world to maintain a healthy, balanced life. Being both a hippie and a cowgirl, I have found myself caught up in the two cultures, as I suppose most people are. I mean, sometimes I'm a Massage Therapist that plays calming music while I work, and sometimes I'm a steak eating cowgirl whooping it up over a shot of whiskey.

A holistic life is one that considers the balance of you, your mind, your spirit, and how you treat the earth and its creatures. We have to consider all of the plastic floating in our oceans. If you can recycle, please do so. Eating less meat is good for your body and the earth. If you can do so, you should. Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes can all be a result of a poor diet. If you can grow and eat lots of vegetables, you should.

More than 50% of all people who begin a fitness regimen, fail. This is because we make a cold turkey pact with ourselves, then we crave a hamburger. Once we have "failed," the entire plan goes out the window. The plan should be that you will do the best that you can today. If you have that fourth cup of coffee today, try again tomorrow.

Bummer. No chocolate for me today. I deserve a massage.

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