Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Illuminating My Purpose

I set a goal to write more this year, so I joined ezine, a place to submit articles of expertise. I've got mountains of articles that I've written over the past several years, so I've been editing them and submitting them, one by one. I think that I'm literate, although I've never been able to put a toy together at Christmas by reading the directions.

The problem with these submissions is the instructions. Today I got one of the articles back labeled "too many non-owned reference links," or something like that. I fired off an email that said "what does that mean?" Then, I got pages of instructions about non-owned links. Oh, I got it ... At the end of writing about certain types of therapy, I gave books and reference links where the reader could do more research, if they found an interest in the topic.

When I write and publish things myself, I get to keep all of the money and there are no rules. Somebody tell me why I insist on joining these groups that have such strict rules about what to write and how to write it and they don't even pay!

As my Mother would remind me, I must need my head examined!

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