Friday, January 22, 2010

Taking Care of ME

Age is catching up with me. Recently, I looked in the mirror and saw all of the sun damage that my Mother promised. No kidding. YEARS of laying in the California sun at the beach with nothing but Baby or Olive oil on my skin. I heard that the local Dermatology Center had a special on Facial Rejuvination, also known as a fotofacial. Guaranteed to remove freckles, scars, and "hyper-pigmentation" spots ... also known as "AGE" spots. Ouch! Okay, "why not," I asked myself.

I was a single Mom in Aspen. I saw a lot of women spending a fortune on facials, nails, hair color, massage, clothes, etc. I just plain didn't have the money for all of those luxuries. Or so I thought. New underwear and socks are NOT a luxury. Nor is a shampoo or conditioner that costs more than 99 cents. When you have to buy school pictures and field trip money, anything more than Suave Shampoo for 99 cents IS a luxury.

When the esthetitian started working on my face, her first question was about what type of moisturizer that I use. Moisturizer? Well, that's a luxury, for sure. She recommended that I use mineral makeup, for $55.00 a pop. She went on and on about these luxuries as though they were a part of every day life. I get it. These things ARE a part of every day life. They're not luxuries at all. Today, I conditioned my hair with a hot oil treatment. Tomorrow, I'll shop for an organic moisturizer. Maybe I'll even order some new underwear and socks. These things are essentials that cost a few bucks. I'm going to start taking better care of myself. Today, I look great. I feel great. I haven't really spent much money. These things are essential, like groceries, and gas. A new beginning for me. And, a new priority. ME. I feel great!

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