Monday, December 21, 2009

Turn Off The Lights!

I've heard people say that Realtors are low life. Dirt you-know-whats. I've worked for realtors, even some nice ones. I've recently passed the Oregon Real Estate Licensing exam, so I might even be one someday. I've never really thought negatively about them. Until now. That is, I've got my house for sale, so different Buyers Agents have been showing it. My Agent is the Seller's Agent. She sets up the showings. But then ... The Buyer's Agent, who has never met me, and knows or cares nothing about me, comes in and tries to sell my house and my style to someone else.

I DO believe in Global Warming. We are very conscientious about how much power that we use. When we leave a room, the lights get turned off. If for nothing else, to conserve our own hard-earned money. Now, here's my problem. On Saturday, whoever the realtor is that showed my house, turned on EVERY light switch on the wall. If there was a switch for the light and the ceiling fan, they both got turned on. In the garage, there's a switch for the garage lights (two), in addition to the outside driveway lights (two). Then, in the bathrooms, there are light strips with 6 vanity bulbs each. That's THREE bathrooms, 18 bulbs. We don't even use those fixtures when we're using the bathrooms, let alone walk away and leave them on!

That's my problem. How does a complete stranger get the authority to come in to my house, turn on lights, then have the BALLS to walk away and LEAVE THEM ON? Don't believe in Global Warming? Then, believe in the INVOICE that you're about to receive.

I can't affect what these types of people do in their own home, but I sure wish that I could. Don't think that I should send an invoice? I'll keep you posted.

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