Thursday, December 3, 2009

High unemployment? DO YOUR JOB!

We've made it through a recession, sort of, but lots of people still out of work. The thing that shocks me is the people who have jobs that just don't appreciate them. I've had recent problems with a lazy gal in the doctors office who just didn't want to see my new insurance card, let alone make a copy of it. Consequently, my doctor bill and the resulting lab bills were all denied. Why? Because the lazy @#$%& didn't want to take the time to do her job. Okay, I made it past that one by getting on the phone and taking three hours of my time and lots of paperwork to get it right. Okay, that one's behind me.

Another problem that I had this week was with a speeding ticket that I got about a month ago. FOUR points on your record, or only two points if you pay it on time. I rushed down to the court house to pay my $162.00 fine (before my utility bill, I might add) just to get the points lowered. What did I receive this week? A WARRANT and 4 points on my license. Why? "Oops, my mistake." The court clerk lost or didn't credit my payment. By mistake! Okay, cool. I keep every receipt. I took it back to her, and so she says that it's been taken care of, but that I should call the DMV in a couple of weeks to follow up. You mean the 800 number that puts you on hold for 30 minutes or more, then hangs up? Wow. She's as lucky as the gal in the doctors office to have a job!

Those are just mistakes make by people who are lucky to have a job. This last complaint, however, is to wish BAD Karma on those people lucky enough to be employed delivering mail. I'm not going to slander the post office, because I know that there are a lot of mail delivery people that are contractors for the post office. I am going to state the facts about my mail delivery experiences lately ...

I ship a lot of books. Say ... 25 a week, at least. In the beginning, when people started telling me or commenting on EBay that the package was opened when it arrived, I couldn't believe it. I ship a tightly taped package! It's hard to believe that it would arrive opened! So, I started taping everything in both directions, all the way around. The next report that I received was a package that arrived empty. Cut with something sharp. Who would steal my books?

Just this week, I've gotten two comments from people who received books from me triple taped in both directions, both of them opened. So, what's the deal here? Are you BAD ELVES in the mail system looking for money? Are you sub contractors who think that you won't get caught.Why are you cutting my packages open? Don't you thank God every day that you have a job at all? Who are you and why are you doing this? Are you looking for checks?

If you are indeed employed people ravaging through people's mail, I wish you Bad Karma. I hope that you lose your job and your home. We've all been through a tough year. Stealing is a crime. You're not only violating me and my customers, but you're violating the laws of man during really hard times. Bad Elves. Bad, bad Elves!

People, be sure to tape and track your packages. There are some bad elves out there. I hope that their families aren't the ones to go hungry when Karma strikes, because it will!

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