Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vegetarian Thanksgiving

A lot has been researched and written lately about cruelty to animals and the environmental impact of commercially raised meats. I love meat. Especially a good steak. I rarely eat it anymore, except at a local restaurant where some friends of ours have raised the meat organically. My reasons for not eating much meat aren't well researched and designed, but simple. I don't like the fact that commercial animals are raised in such threatening environments that they live on antibiotics. That can't be good. For them, OR me.

It's also been proven that livestock production not only depletes earth resources, but produce toxic emissions into the environment. Lastly, meat is not as good for your body as the grains that we feed the animals that we eventually consume ourselves!

So, when I told my Italian Mother the other day that I was having a Vegetarian Thanksgiving, she was beside herself with TRADITION! "Of course, you can eat meat one day of the year!" She was acting like I had taken her piece of Pumpkin Pie! She wanted NO PART of NO TURKEY on Thanksgiving.

I assured her that we had a wonderful meal planned for the day! No, it's not a turkey shaped tofu sculpture. Nor is it some soy burger punishment for not eating meat. I don't know why some vegetarians feel as though they have to stuff themselves with some poor brown excuse for meat. Forget about it. Eat well, add protein in many forms!

Here's my Thanksgiving Menu:

Cheese enchiladas with black beans and olives
Green Bean Casserole
Mashed Potatoes with mushrooms and their gravy
Breaded Cauliflour with Parmesian
Corn Bread Stuffing with celery and almonds
Cranberry Sauce
Green Salad
Homemade whole grain rolls
Pumpkin Pie

Sounds divine! Nobody's suffering. Not even one little tiny turkey. Cheers!

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