Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oregon Real Estate License

Woo hoo! I passed the Oregon Real Estate licensing exam yesterday! Man, when I get into the testing room, I say to myself "Why do I keep doing this to myself?" Just when I get intellectually lazy, I hang another challenge on my shoulders! It was slightly stressful. The Oregon exam was first. You can mark questions to come back to. Frightening. The wording was so confusing. Although I had studied the different types of financing, when each one is a choice, you've got to concentrate. I marked 28 out of 50 to come back to! I started out shaky.

The National Exam contains 150 questions. Cinchy. Not a problem. So, even though I struggled with the Oregon portion, I passed them both. This week I've got to work on getting my background check and fingerprints done, then I'll register for the EcoBroker®  program.

Next ... We've got to start getting the house ready to sell. We've got to find a storage locker, clean the carpets, and aerate the lawn so that it will be ready for spring. Wow. Maybe we can get to Oregon for fly fishing next summer. Would that be so great?

Monday, October 12, 2009


Reinvention. Seems to be the professional thing to do these days. After I left the fitness business at the age of 40 something, I needed something more "mature" to do. God knows, almost 30 years of exercising and playing racquetball for a living can take its toll on your bones.

Lucky me, I landed a job in Commercial Property while taking the time to play with my horses. I not only fell in love with buildings, but spent years researching the differences in horse fitness and training, compared to humans. After 15 years, I've finally published my book on horse fitness. What a great time that I've had!

Reinvention. More than 50 something. I'm having a really great time sharing my book with horse people all over the world!  I miss my old horse Buddy. No doubt, but I won't be getting another horse. It's time to go inside and use my head a little more than my body.

I've taken the Colorado Real Estate course more than once over the past years. I love commercial buildings, and have managed many, but never felt inclined to become a broker. Then, it hit me. If Al and I want to move to Eugene, Oregon, we need to prepare ourselves for a life in a tough economy. I left Oregon during the recession in 1982. Let me tell you, when fishing and lumber go bad in Oregon, it's a tough road. All that we can do is plan and prepare.

I'm taking the Oregon Real Estate Broker Exam this Saturday. I'm ready. Fortunately, you can take an Oregon Exam at a testing center in Colorado. Next, a specific training to become an EcoBroker® . EcoBroker®, you ask? Yes. You learn about removing bad stuff like asbestos and radon. You also learn about adding good stuff like healthy products and sustainable, low energy appliances.

So, maybe there won't be a Real Estate BOOM any time soon. There is, however, a huge inventory, and a more environmentally conscious buyer these days. I can't help but think that I'm headed in the right direction for a very well suited last career for a 50 something woman wanting to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

I can't wait to get started. Interesting stuff to learn, and write about. Meeting with people who are conscious about their environment, both in their home and the earth. I am really excited that I've finally chosen the plan for my reinvention. I can still be me. I will work efficiently to help people find a lifestyle that will benefit everyone. What a blessing! Wish me luck on Saturday!

What IS next?

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