Sunday, August 30, 2009

Leap of Faith

I named her Hermione which means earthy. Okay, so you might say that she was nothing but a grasshopper, but she's been here all summer. First, I thought that I needed to spray the beans because she was eating the leaves, then I decided that it wasn't a big deal because I still get all of the beans.

She'd come up and hang out with me when I worked in the garden. No, I'm not even kidding here. I was so mesmerized by this insect that was sticking around, I finally looked up "grasshopper, animal totem." I found that the grasshopper signifies encouragement to take a Leap of Faith. I have been procrastinating some big decisions ...

As soon as I got the message, she was gone! Three months of friendship, and once she got her message across, she was gone. Hermione, my earthy little insect friend. It was a pleasure.

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