Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Issues

I try to stay away from political arguments or opinions. We all have something to say about what we see on television, but choose the proper time or people to share it with.

I've been in the alternative or complimentary health care business for my entire 30 some year career. I understand that research has been slow in this area as opposed to Western Medicine, but I believe in prevention and complimentary care. In fact, to say that research has been slow is an understatement. Only this year did researchers follow bicyclists at the Tour De France to extensively compare muscle recovery of muscles that had been massaged vs. not.

To get to my point, prevention and complimentary care are not new concepts. I was watching a guy on tv tonight who was pro health care reform. He was a doctor. What really bugged the #@&$! out of me was that he was expounding on the fact that new therapies like acupuncture were proving to be beneficial according to research. Duh? Proving to be beneficial for over 2,000 years. WTF? Medical experts. Expert opinions. I'm not even going to go into mine right now.

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