Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fit Horse Companion

Wow, it finally arrived! The hard copy of my book, The Fit Horse Companion arrived today. Published! All of my research and stall mucking coming to fruition. Stall mucking? Absolutely the best time to hang out with horses.

Some of the best conversations that I've had with horses were in their stall. First of all, it's a pretty small space. It's where they eat and rest. It's a privilege to be in there in the first place, and, if you're not close, and they don't want you in there, you're toast!

It is my hope that some of those people who get on their horse and ride away, then call their horse stupid for bucking them off, will get the drift of a proper warmup. I've always wanted to say "Your horse bucked you off because you didn't warm him up and he was too stiff to run. He's not stupid!" Now, I can simply say, "You should read my book. Maybe if your horse were properly warmed up, that wouldn't have happened."

Perfect. Something to cross off of my bucket list. It's been many years in the making.

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