Thursday, July 2, 2009

Salads, and salads, and salads

Living in Colorado has its ups and downs. In the wintertime, vegetables have to be brought in by truck because the world is frozen solid for months at a time. The tomatoes are really horrid! When the trucks are delayed for days at a time, the vegetables are old by the time that they arrive. Expensive too.

During the summer, when you have less than six months from seed to table, you take it VERY seriously. I'm at the back door with my seeds all ready the minute after the last frost. Usually Memorial Day. This is how it looks today, after one month. SALADS! We have salads for every meal, and use the green lettuce on sandwiches. We also grow and juice wheat grass during the summer. We're psyched about the money that we save during the summer, and the color is gorgeous! Cheers!

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