Monday, July 27, 2009

Becoming a Contemporary Evolutionary

A contemporary evolutionary? Basically, an advocate of change as the world, and my own life require. I remember when I became a hippie the first time. It was around 1971. I moved to Oregon to be free and hang out with my friends and our dogs. Yes, we grew a garden and lived frugally, but it's wayyyyy different for me this time.

I've been reading a book called The Tao of Abundance. Oh yeah, it sounds like a trippy book allright. But here's the deal. Back in the 70's, the earth wasn't dying at the rate that it is now. We grew vegetables because we were hippies, not because it was good for the environment, or our own bodies for that matter.

With this past recession, I have learned and realized more positive things than I ever have before. When Al got laid off, I was faced with the reality of "what if?" What if we lose our home like everyone else? What if we spend our entire savings trying to get by? What things that I have do I really need?

Back in December, 2008, we were watching the financial world crumble around us. We had been paying off debt and and building a savings and some assets for about 5 years already. We left the ranch, sold the trucks and trailers, invested in a suburban "investment" house at a dirt cheap interest rate and decided to wait it out.

No kidding. The cover of Time Magazine says "Recession Over." Man, those are welcome words! But what does this mean for us? I'll tell you what it means for us. Getting back to that book, The Tao of Abundance .... No, it's not a book about getting rich. It's a book about NOT finding yourself at the mercy of the economy. It's about cutting back on worthless expenses, growing your own healthy food, and getting rid of the fat. It's about building an abundant life, one step at a time.

We've sold one of our rental properties. We're working on the others. Then, we're going to move to Eugene, Oregon where there are no sales taxes. Talk about an annual savings! We're then going to buy a green home with a garden space. Grow our own food, add some solar panels, eat seafood, add a studio for teaching fitness, yoga, and renting to others for the same. NO gas to get to work because it will be at our home ....

We are planning our exodus to the great Northwest with new ideas each day. We have learned such a lesson about having and paying for things that we didn't need. Once we sell our home, we'll be truckin. This time, I'll be a gray haired hippie woman with much more wisdom than I had 40 years ago. Life is good as a hippie. No matter what the motivation.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Salads, and salads, and salads

Living in Colorado has its ups and downs. In the wintertime, vegetables have to be brought in by truck because the world is frozen solid for months at a time. The tomatoes are really horrid! When the trucks are delayed for days at a time, the vegetables are old by the time that they arrive. Expensive too.

During the summer, when you have less than six months from seed to table, you take it VERY seriously. I'm at the back door with my seeds all ready the minute after the last frost. Usually Memorial Day. This is how it looks today, after one month. SALADS! We have salads for every meal, and use the green lettuce on sandwiches. We also grow and juice wheat grass during the summer. We're psyched about the money that we save during the summer, and the color is gorgeous! Cheers!

What IS next?

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