Thursday, June 25, 2009

Re-Inventing Yourself

One of my clients over 45 recently told me that it was embarrasing and de-moralizing that he had to re-invent himself to get a job. Why couldn't he just stay a welder until he retires? He doesn't want to have to "dress up" for work, or act like something that he isn't. The economy just pulled the rug out from under him by sending all of the gas drilling companies to another state. He's not the only one in this position.

I may sound like a lunatic, but my suggestion to him is to get over it and make a plan. I disagree that having to re-invent yourself in this weird economy is an inconvenience. I see it as an opportunity.

This guy lives on a ranch and loves his horses. So, why not go to horseshoeing school, join the chamber of commerce, and advertise for people to drop their horses off at his place for the day? He won't even have to buy gas for his big gas hog of a truck. And, he'll be contributing to a cleaner environment! A great plan for all involved.

Even employers are confused these days. Most of them aren't overly confident about their own jobs. If you've ever wanted to do something else, I believe that now is the time to give it a try. Living on less is a new lifestyle, so why not find something that you love to do, and an employer who would appreciate your interest? I can think of all kinds of jobs that I would love to have ... flower arranging, chef, vet assistant, music store, bookstore, although writing and gardening is a pretty good gig.

A good resume creator can work your hobbie into great experience, which it is, by the way. My advice to the welder was to start stretching in the mornings. Not only to become more flexible, in every way, but to get his back in shape for his new horseshoeing career! Happy job hunting!

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