Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aim So High You'll Never Be Bored!

A client recently told me that he had spent so much time feeling bad about being fat that it hadn't occured to him to "get out of it." When he would get home from school every day, he would mull over the names that he had been called, and spent the time resenting the name callers. Now that he has set goals, he said that he spends even more energy at the gym after school thinking about cool he's going to look when he achieves his goals. I had recommended a Charles Swindoll book called Living Above The Level of Mediocrity, and he has designed a poster out of one of the introductory pages that is reprinted with permission from United Technologies. He gave me the hand painted poster that he did in his art class. Here is what it says;

greatest waste
of our
natural resources
is the
number of
who never
achieve their
Get out
of that
slow lane.
into that
fast lane.
If you think
you can't,
you won't.
If you think
you can,
there's a
good chance
you will.
Even making
the effort
will make
you feel
like a new
are made
by searching
for things that
can't be done
and doing them.
Aim low:
Aim high:

Congratulations to my new teenage friend! You're soaring!

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