Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aim So High You'll Never Be Bored!

A client recently told me that he had spent so much time feeling bad about being fat that it hadn't occured to him to "get out of it." When he would get home from school every day, he would mull over the names that he had been called, and spent the time resenting the name callers. Now that he has set goals, he said that he spends even more energy at the gym after school thinking about cool he's going to look when he achieves his goals. I had recommended a Charles Swindoll book called Living Above The Level of Mediocrity, and he has designed a poster out of one of the introductory pages that is reprinted with permission from United Technologies. He gave me the hand painted poster that he did in his art class. Here is what it says;

greatest waste
of our
natural resources
is the
number of
who never
achieve their
Get out
of that
slow lane.
into that
fast lane.
If you think
you can't,
you won't.
If you think
you can,
there's a
good chance
you will.
Even making
the effort
will make
you feel
like a new
are made
by searching
for things that
can't be done
and doing them.
Aim low:
Aim high:

Congratulations to my new teenage friend! You're soaring!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To quote the Dalai Lama

"Each of you should feel that you have great potential and that, with self confidence and a little more effort, change really is possible if you want it. If you feel that your present way of life is unpleasant or has some difficulties, then don't look at these negative things. See the positive side, the potential, and make an effort."

Man, it's easy to use negative words. I can't tell you how many times my clients have opened the dialogue with; "I'm not sure that you can help me. I've been on every diet and none of them have worked." I want to say; "You didn't just say that, right?" Isn't that like spending money on something that will never fit? Maybe you should go ahead and buy some really expensive shoes in the wrong size too! No, go scope out some really great shoes that you will reward yourself with after your first small success, which you WILL achieve, only if YOU believe it. Negative thinking is out. Start small, but find a goal, and go for it.

I've had a rough time with a couple of negative people around me. When they're negative, I tend to believe them. Then, I carry the anger and negative around with me. With some conscious planning, I've decided to change how I respond to their constant input. I turn away and thank God that I have a more positive outlook. No more. Neg is out, positive is in. I'm going to buy some really cool shoes that fit!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleep and Metabolism

One would think that if you burn the candle at both ends by working 16 hours a day that you would burn more calories. In fact, the opposite is true. Even though less calories are burned when sleeping than when awake, the metabolic processes in the body change when the body is "burned out."

Hormone secretion, specifically Cortisol and Leptin change when the body is tired, possibly making it feel more hungry, and causing cravings for carbohydrates.

Experts say that rest and rejuvination is as important in weight loss as diet and exercise. Eight hours of rest is what is suggested by experts to keep the metabolism functioning normally.

If you are a person that has a hard time falling asleep, a hot cup a tea containing Valerian Root has been known to bring a gentle relaxation and a good nights sleep. A supplemental herb called Schizandra Dreams from a company called Health Concerns is a great supplement. This supplement contains Valerian Root and Schizandra Fruit and works like a charm for falling asleep. Dream yourself thin! Sweet dreams!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walking Through Life's Obstacles

In my first week of coaching, I've found the human spirit to be so giving that it actually lacks self-love in a lot of ways. Some people are so willing to take care of others that they lose their own personal focus. Some of us, raised with guilt, think that self-love is sel-fish. I'm learning to turn this type of thinking around. Here's an example;

If you feel the best when you're helping someone else, how about joining in one of the Susan B. Komen walks for breast cancer this summer? By training each day, you can lose the guilt of thinking that you're taking too much time for yourself. You will be improving your own health, allowing your mind to feel like you're doing it for someone else, while feeding your own spirit and feeling good about yourself!

This might be a good first step in your journey towards balance. It shouldn't be difficult to take time to go to the gym, or to have your nails done, or to take a nap. These are all a part of a healthy body which is necessary for a balanced spirit. Start with today. Walk somewhere that you might normally drive. This will start you on your goal of the donation of your time to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. Who knows, maybe next year you'll run it!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Stumbling Blocks and Obstacles

Hooray! I passed the exam and I'm now a Certified Professional Life Coach! What I learned in this program was how powerful negative input can be. In my Life Coach Training this past week, I learned about how we perceive our lack of achievement, and how we can actually stumble ourselves over reinforced negative feedback rather than positive affirmations like "I can," and "I will."

I have my first FREE client this afternoon and I can't wait to get started. Do you have something that you want to accomplish, but haven't been able to for whatever reason that you perceive? Call for a free introductory coaching session now. Remember, I'm just starting out, but I would love to coach you to success!
(970) 285-5644.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life Coaching

What a week it's been! With the book business slowing, and Al's plumbing business slowing, I decided to enrich my life while adding another dimension to my Personal Training and Massage Therapy clients. I've been taking a Life Coach Certification Course that has turned out to be my own coaching experience. What a powerful program! I can't wait to get started with my own clients. I think that it will take about 30 clients to become comfortable with the questioning and probing, but I'm thrilled with my choice.

What is coaching? Not therapy, or psychotherapy. Coaching is a carefully laid out plan designed for the client to set and achieve goals. During a typical coaching session, the coach asks the questions, and the client answers them. No therapy, just questions about your goals and how you can achieve them. We all know that sometimes we create our own obstacles that get in the way of life. A coach can put another set of eyes and ears on your plans, while encouraging you to set timelines, while giving positive input to help you attain success. Can't wait to get started. Oh yeah, let me pass the final exam tomorrow before I get too busy.

What IS next?

 It seems like the Covid 19 Vaccinations are going faster than expected, but states are opening up equally as fast. I want to get out again!...