Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Runner Up Essay

When you're an aspiring writer, publication is the key to furthering your career. I've published newsletters and even two books, but time marches on. You don't get a paycheck each week whether you produce or not. It's tough. You have to keep writing, knocking on doors, and entering contests that pay.

This week I was notified that I've been awarded as the First Runner Up in the Health Concerns Essay contest. What does that mean? Woo hoo!!! $100.00 worth of Chinese Herbs at wholesale prices. Now that is a winner in our house. We spend a lot of money on herbal supplements, so this will be like a little paycheck.

What next? Today I submitted a short story to one of my favorite literary websites. Don't know how competitive it will be, but I don't have time to worry about it. Today I'm submitting an article to Shape Magazine. Will it be competitive? Don't know, I'm already writing an article for a local newspaper about local infrastructure projects.

What IS next?

 It seems like the Covid 19 Vaccinations are going faster than expected, but states are opening up equally as fast. I want to get out again!...