Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Today Sony announced that they were bracing for a 6,000 people layoff within the next few weeks. Yesterday, I saw a couple on television that had over $300,000. in student loans and were losing their million dollar home. It goes on and on.

How did these people end up in such debt for an education that is now worthless? They have been chasing their tails for 12 years trying to payoff the education, and now they're losing everything.

As I hear the garbage truck outside, I see the company owner and his daughter working as hard as ever. They bring their little dog out on the route, and he barks at every garbage can that they empty. Like clockwork, they come every Tuesday, and the dog barks at every can.

It dawns on me that they have security in their jobs. They are a service that will be necessary no matter what the economy does. Like many other undesirable jobs that have rarely gotten respect, they're working steady. Funny how it goes. I'm happy for them. They deserve the holiday that they are about to enjoy.

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