Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Old Fashioned Rest

For 35 years or more I've had a job. A Management-type job that required attendance. As a health club manager, I taught aerobics and did some personal training, so I had appointments to keep. My point is that I didn't have the time to be sick. After two days of feeling lousy with a sinus infection or cough, against my better judgement, I'd visit the doc for an antibiotic. Oh yeah, I'd promise to get some rest, but never did.

Finally retired from a regular job, I work from home freelance writing and selling books online. When I got a sore throat a week or so ago, I knew that the winter crud was about to hit. It was a wonderful relief to tell myself that this time I would rest it out. I wasn't even sure that I could kick a cold by myself. Drink tea, watch TV, I was looking forward to the test.

One the first day, I had a fever. It was the first day of a three day trial on Court-TV. 8 hours a day of court. I'd sleep in my recliner under the covers, Tivo some more, then sleep again. On the second day, I got up and brushed my teeth, ate a little breakfast, poured some Sprite over ice, and went back to the same routine. When I would turn on the TV at 7 am, I'd begin my dozing in and out. I was surprised when on the third day I was willing to do it again. I had begun to cough, so I took some cough drops, but more dozing.

Today is Sunday. Al and I went out and did some stuff. I ate well and feel pretty good today. No sinus problems, and even no lingering cough! I did it! I rested! That's the way to go. It's a great thing to have the time to be sick and get well. A great concept.

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