Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fighting Hunger. The Great Italian Compromise ...

2009. This is it. Al and I have decided that this is the year to get back in shape once and for all. We have plans to move to another state which will require not only capital, but personal power. No Fatty Boombalattie has personal power. That's a fact. The fatter and more out of shape and cozy-in-your-sweats that you get, the worse that it gets. So, you say "I like to be alone." Or, "I spent 30 years around people. I like working from home!" That might be true, but health is health. No matter how much you say that you love yourself.

Since both Al and I have lost weight by just cutting fat intake, we've chosen that route again. It takes compromise, that's all. I mean, an antipasto would be just fine without salami, or cheese. Toast is great with jelly ... and no margarine. Seriously, it is.

As I sit here, I'm thinking about the many compromises that I face. Baked potatoes with something other than margarine, eggs scrambled in something other than butter, dry toast, rice without gravy, no more hash browns, mexican food with no cheddar. Just think about how healthy we'll become! Happy New Year.

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