Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Article Declined

Okay, maybe I did cut and paste an old article and was in too much of a hurry to follow instructions properly. Is that any reason to reject it and tell me that I can't prove expertise in the field of horses? Ouch!

There are many competitive websites where you can post an article that may be purchased by a magazine. When I went to this specific site yesterday, I noticed that it said "no first person" articles. It also asked for qualifications, and I didn't say that I had published a book, or was a horse rancher with thousands of Massage Therapy case studies under my belt. I just said that I had written for a newsletter for 12 years.

I know that most of my articles are first person, and my opinion. I did, however, just paste one up in the sample article page. Serves me right. Didn't follow instructions, mustn't have wanted it bad enough. Now, I'm feeling like a reject.

While shoveling lots of heavy snow a while ago, I was stewing about it. A reject. What is it that I'm really good at? Should I be looking for another career? No. Definitely not. Health and fitness is what I know. I'm an expert in the field. After 35 years in the field, writing about it is what I do now.

First person? I got yer first person! Sitting here writing about my disappointment. I write in the first person. Now, I'm moving on.

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