Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fighting Hunger. The Great Italian Compromise ...

2009. This is it. Al and I have decided that this is the year to get back in shape once and for all. We have plans to move to another state which will require not only capital, but personal power. No Fatty Boombalattie has personal power. That's a fact. The fatter and more out of shape and cozy-in-your-sweats that you get, the worse that it gets. So, you say "I like to be alone." Or, "I spent 30 years around people. I like working from home!" That might be true, but health is health. No matter how much you say that you love yourself.

Since both Al and I have lost weight by just cutting fat intake, we've chosen that route again. It takes compromise, that's all. I mean, an antipasto would be just fine without salami, or cheese. Toast is great with jelly ... and no margarine. Seriously, it is.

As I sit here, I'm thinking about the many compromises that I face. Baked potatoes with something other than margarine, eggs scrambled in something other than butter, dry toast, rice without gravy, no more hash browns, mexican food with no cheddar. Just think about how healthy we'll become! Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Article Declined

Okay, maybe I did cut and paste an old article and was in too much of a hurry to follow instructions properly. Is that any reason to reject it and tell me that I can't prove expertise in the field of horses? Ouch!

There are many competitive websites where you can post an article that may be purchased by a magazine. When I went to this specific site yesterday, I noticed that it said "no first person" articles. It also asked for qualifications, and I didn't say that I had published a book, or was a horse rancher with thousands of Massage Therapy case studies under my belt. I just said that I had written for a newsletter for 12 years.

I know that most of my articles are first person, and my opinion. I did, however, just paste one up in the sample article page. Serves me right. Didn't follow instructions, mustn't have wanted it bad enough. Now, I'm feeling like a reject.

While shoveling lots of heavy snow a while ago, I was stewing about it. A reject. What is it that I'm really good at? Should I be looking for another career? No. Definitely not. Health and fitness is what I know. I'm an expert in the field. After 35 years in the field, writing about it is what I do now.

First person? I got yer first person! Sitting here writing about my disappointment. I write in the first person. Now, I'm moving on.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Old Fashioned Rest

For 35 years or more I've had a job. A Management-type job that required attendance. As a health club manager, I taught aerobics and did some personal training, so I had appointments to keep. My point is that I didn't have the time to be sick. After two days of feeling lousy with a sinus infection or cough, against my better judgement, I'd visit the doc for an antibiotic. Oh yeah, I'd promise to get some rest, but never did.

Finally retired from a regular job, I work from home freelance writing and selling books online. When I got a sore throat a week or so ago, I knew that the winter crud was about to hit. It was a wonderful relief to tell myself that this time I would rest it out. I wasn't even sure that I could kick a cold by myself. Drink tea, watch TV, I was looking forward to the test.

One the first day, I had a fever. It was the first day of a three day trial on Court-TV. 8 hours a day of court. I'd sleep in my recliner under the covers, Tivo some more, then sleep again. On the second day, I got up and brushed my teeth, ate a little breakfast, poured some Sprite over ice, and went back to the same routine. When I would turn on the TV at 7 am, I'd begin my dozing in and out. I was surprised when on the third day I was willing to do it again. I had begun to cough, so I took some cough drops, but more dozing.

Today is Sunday. Al and I went out and did some stuff. I ate well and feel pretty good today. No sinus problems, and even no lingering cough! I did it! I rested! That's the way to go. It's a great thing to have the time to be sick and get well. A great concept.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Purge the Slime

So many bigshots getting busted for corruption, greed, perversion. Now is a good time. An Attorney General whose crusade is to stop prostitution gets busted for frequenting a hooker that could be his daughter. John Edwards, the gentle Democrat who wants to help the poor people and become the president is cheating on his terminally ill wife, the banks have stolen every dime from the public while giving themselves bonus's, the leaders in the Auto Industry couldn't manage a hamburger joint effectively, and the Governor of Illinois is trying to make a buck on corruption.

With all of the unemployment and people left without healthcare for their families, the country is in a recession, and slipping deeper. Now, here's my beef; The Auto Executives AND the Illinois Governor are trying to find ways to continue to draw a salary if they're impeached or laid off because they're worried about their own financial situation.

Riddle me this ... If a young man was caught stealing from the til to buy food for his family, or to buy gas to make it to work because our leaders have screwed up our world beyond recognition, would he be laid off with pay? No, he would just be crammed into a jail cell that taxpayers can't afford to pay for.

Here is what I wish for the holidays. That Elliott Spitzer would be placed in a stadium for public ridicule, that the Auto Executives would be held personally accountable for every medical bill accrued by laid off workers and their families, that John Edwards be blessed with a painful erection lasting for more than 4 hours, and that Rob (can't spell his name), the Governor of Illinois be placed in an asylum with haunting crazy-people noises so that he can't sleep at night.

It's time for a change. Let's start 2009 with honesty and compassion for one another. Let's purge all of the slimy liars from our desperate America. It's time to move forward with integrity. Let's do it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

Today Sony announced that they were bracing for a 6,000 people layoff within the next few weeks. Yesterday, I saw a couple on television that had over $300,000. in student loans and were losing their million dollar home. It goes on and on.

How did these people end up in such debt for an education that is now worthless? They have been chasing their tails for 12 years trying to payoff the education, and now they're losing everything.

As I hear the garbage truck outside, I see the company owner and his daughter working as hard as ever. They bring their little dog out on the route, and he barks at every garbage can that they empty. Like clockwork, they come every Tuesday, and the dog barks at every can.

It dawns on me that they have security in their jobs. They are a service that will be necessary no matter what the economy does. Like many other undesirable jobs that have rarely gotten respect, they're working steady. Funny how it goes. I'm happy for them. They deserve the holiday that they are about to enjoy.

What IS next?

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