Friday, November 14, 2008

Tree Hugger

At the risk of being called a "Tree Hugger" by my Colorado Cowboy Counterparts, I've always kept it to myself that I recycle, and unplug everything in my house when I'm not using it.

It's gone beyond being called a name. If we don't start hugging more trees, we just may run out of oxygen altogether. My Cowboy Counterparts smoke. They work on the gas rigs. The gas rigs send out a petroleum smelling fume that I fear there will be no more trees to hug if I don't get busy.

I AM a tree hugger. If that means that I am going to openly take care of the earth AND suggest that those around me do the same, so be it. I'm a TREE HUGGER! I'm OUT! I'm tired of the irresponsible, smelly, dirty, fumey gas drilling in Colorado.

If we're going to rely on natural gas for more alternative uses, we need to insist on RESPONSIBLE drilling. I read in the paper this week that there was methane found in the domestic wells south of Silt and Rifle. Of course, the drilling companies say that the small amounts found are "naturally occuring." We'll see about that.

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