Saturday, February 18, 2017

You Don’t Need A Handyman To Have GREAT Planter Boxes

In 5 bookshelves from the local thrift store I can grow enough vegetables to feed a family of 4 and then some!

Most bookshelves are at least 9 inches deep to accommodate books with a few additional inches in the front. Most vegetable roots don’t need much more than that. Bookshelves with the shelves in or out make perfect vegetable, flower, and herb planters!

If you go to your local hardware store looking for large planters to plant veggies in, they run pretty expensive. I mean, you can spend a couple of hundred bucks on deep pots that are far more depth than you need.

Your local thrift store has old wood bookshelves for $10 - $20 each. The reason that I started buying them was because our ground was so hard and packed I would have had to hire a commercial excavator to get through it. Now, I have vegetables growing all over the place!

When you get the shelf home, you can leave the back on, or soften the ground under it, and lay the frame down with no back for deeper veggies like carrots.

Here’s a cheap and simple project. Go to the thrift store and buy a bookshelf that is sized to a nice area of your yard. Go to the hardware store and buy enough soil to fill the shelf, and some organic seeds. Voila! You have an organic garden. Flowers, herbs, or lettuce are great choices if you’re just starting out.  

I give a lot of organic vegetables away during the summer months which means that ours and our neighbors vegetables are not trucked in from anywhere and are not pesticide riddled. Try it!

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