Friday, January 27, 2017

Maintaining Balance And Harmony

Stress kills. Sometimes we obsess about problems or people that rub us the wrong way to the point of
letting them take over our body on a cellular level. Certain stress hormones that are produced when we “red zone” can affect our heart health to the point of becoming a threat to our long term health.

In our current political environment, it’s important to give our mind and body a time out every now and then. Meditation for 30-60 minutes a day is an ideal way to bring harmony to your mind and body. After many, many years of attempting to meditate, I have finally found that space for peace. The problem is, when you're all hyped up on stress, sitting quietly is all but impossible. I used to sit and bounce my knee while insisting that I was just not able to meditate. Now, once I decide that it’s time to relax, my body can’t wait to close my eyes, close the door, and chill out. This has taken many years to accomplish.

You don’t have to be a guru or a tree hugger to meditate. Let’s call it something other than meditation. How about just calling it a time-out? This is the mindless place that you go when you’re vacuuming, or mowing the lawn. It’s a place where your body relaxes and your mind goes blank. It’s the place where the old man goes when he takes his fishing boat out on the lake. This is a mindset that halts the production of stress hormones and gives your body a short rest for mental and physical healing.

What can you do to find complete relaxation? Yes, even with a toddler in the house, or a tyrant of a President that’s freaking you out, you can find some time. If it means going out to the car in the garage and putting a new age CD in the stereo, you MUST find this type of time-out to maintain a healthy balance in your mind and body.

Ahhhh. The feeling of sitting on a beach with a breeze in your face. I love that. You Tube has tons of free music with ocean sounds, or meditation chimes. You need to find something that resonates with you. If it’s not sitting in a quiet place, try taking a long walk. Whatever you choose, just make it a regular practice until your body looks forward to it and falls into a relaxation as soon as you begin.

Finding a healthy peace in your heart and soul can serve as the greatest anti-oxidant of all. Be well.

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