Saturday, January 9, 2016

The People Of Madaya, Syria Are Starving To Death

Please go the the International Red Cross Website to donate anything that you can. Not only are the adult people of Madaya starving, but so are the children STARVING to death. Please go to the International Red Cross website and donate what you can. This is a travesty to the people caused by their own government! Nobody deserves to be deliberately starved to death, Please help these people. Click Here To read about the crisis and to donate. International Red Cross

While waiting for a possible food delivery on Sunday or Monday, the children in Madaya are being forced to eat leaves and shrubs. Some of them haven't seen enough to eat since last October.

I'm sending positive thoughts to the aid workers that will be passing through some dangerous zones where they may be robbed of the goods that they intend to deliver. THANK YOU.

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